Monday, October 1, 2012

"I'm so poor I can't even pay attention." -Ron Kittle

Is that not the truth these days! In this economy, everyone is looking to save a buck. Especially me!! As a single mom with a kid who's passion is horseback riding (not a cheap activity), I'm looking for any deal I can get!!!

I LOVE the show Extreme Couponing. However, I think those people are a little crazy. Buying diapers and having a stock pile of them in your basement when you have no babies, or even kids for that matter.... that borders on insanity a bit.

However, thanks to my amazing couponing coach Janet, I've done my own version of extreme couponing...a more realistic one. You know getting the things you actually need, maybe one or two extras.

So, my first attempt was at Rite Aid. I'll never forget the cashier's face. She didn't believe it was real. I got 4 bottles of Pantene which are normally $19.96 for a grand total of $2.12. For me this is a great deal because it's the only shampoo and the BEST conditioner for my daughter's hair.

The next deal I got was on Bayer aspirin. Again , this was at Rite Aid. Normally four bottles of Bayer is $17.96. My total was $0.00!!!!!! That was awesome! I walked out with such a high! :)

My third deal was on vinegar. If you are an avid Pinterester (yes, I made up that word), you use vinegar for EVERYTHING! From cooking to cleaning!! This was a Target deal. Normally $3.71, my total...FREE!!

This next one was my big whammy! A Target deal that I got because I happened to walk into Target on the right day! Items in the dollar isle were 70% off. So things that were normally $1 were only $0.30. Things that were normally $3.00 were $0.90. Now I will say I used  $20 gift card, but hey! Free is free for me! I don't even know what the grand total should have been, but I do know how much I spent on all of this stuff out of my pocket.... $3.71!! :-)

The last deal I've made so far, was literally yesterday at Rite Aid! Two bottles of Pantene and Carefree pantie liners normally a total of $11.98 for only $2.00!!!!

How do I get these deals??? I stalk two websites in and They explain the deals and give you the best up to date deals. These two sites are great, but there are SOOOOO many out there. I also save coupons each week from the Daily Local and Philly Inquire. I save them by date in a hanging file. (see below)

It's time consuming to look through, but always worth the deal!! Happy shopping!

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