Monday, December 3, 2012

"It's just another Manic Monday." - Bangles

So, last week I was stuck at home sick. In between drug induced naps, I kept staring at this stain on my couch that has been there for months!!  A few months ago, I was watching my nephew and he was playing with the puppy. The pup nipped him in the nose and he bled all over my couch and carpet! I tried desperately to clean it up with stain remover but it left this horrible stain!

(sorry for the blurry pic...remember I was heavily medicated at the time!)

As I lay there getting more and more annoyed with the stain, because I was actually home with time on my hands to look at it, I remembered I pinned something on Pinterest about cleaning microfiber couches here on my "Cleanliness is next to godliness" board.

It looked easy enough! Use rubbing alcohol to remove stains. Ok! I was in, because in my sickness I could not tolerate it any more!! I needed to make a few adjustments to what Julia used in her blog, just because I was too sick to go out to buy a white sponge and a white bristled scrub brush. Here's what I did.

I had the rubbing alcohol! (Yay me!) So, I put it in an empty clean spray bottle that I had, then saturated the stained area. I didn't have a white sponge, so I scrubbed the heck out of it with an old white wash cloth. Here is how that looked.


HOLY DIRTINESS!!! I almost threw up in my mouth there for a minute, it was that nasty! After I scrubbed I let it dry for about an hour. By the way, it will smell! So open a window and turn on a fan. The smell of the doctor's office will go away in no time.

When it dries, it's a little stiff. So I took a bottle brush since that is what I had, rather that the white scrub brush Julia used, and went over the dried area in circular motion for a few minutes.

I CAN NOT believe the couch AWESOME-NESS that I saw afterwards! It's like I have my brand new couch back!!! Of course I immediately decided to do the entire couch, but was so worn out half way through I stopped. I noticed a few stubborn stains, but NOTHING like before. Julia says in her blog if you go over those stubborn areas about 2 days later, most of the stain will be removed.

PS- I did eventually do the entire couch. But I'm still recovering, so I haven't gone back to take care of those super stubborn stains.

Happy Cleaning! :)

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