Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"After about three days, shouldn’t "clutter" be upgraded to 'decor'?" - Unknown

I have believed that quote to be true... until they started that darn show Hoarders, (which I love) and feel that I have to throw out 50% of belongings every time I watch it! Who isn't fascinated by that show and then motivated to get crap out of your house?!
Two summers ago, I was looking for a new hobby to do at home. I did the normal google and Bing searches. Somehow I discovered this lady, Cas. She's from Canada and soooo much like me! She was once a hot mess and has now become an organizing genius! Plus she's hysterical! I love her sense of humor. You can find her website here.
Anyway, I discovered one of her videos about her home binder. Do you have a bunch of schedules, calendars, and papers hanging on your fridge?? I did! And it drove me NUTS every time I opened the fridge door and a bunch of papers fell off the fridge and I'd have to keep putting them back on! UGH! Can you say ANNOYING?!?!
Well apparently, in the organization world of Stay At Home Moms there is this phenomenon called the Home Binder!! Cas describes her's here. I adjusted and made my own! :)

I will share each section of my binder and what I keep in that section just to give you an idea. You should adjust it to accommodate your family.
The first section of the home binder is the "Calendar" section. I have one calendar in a clear sleeve for each month. That way I get an invite or something for 3 months from now I can put it in the calendar and I keep the invite or things I may need for that month, like birthday cards, behind the calendar in the sleeve like so....
Section 2 is labeled "Contacts". Here is where I keep a form for babysitter with emergency numbers, Important Numbers like famly, friends, and physicians, a "address book" of sorts, Neighborhood numbers and Restaurant numbers that we may use (with their take out menus behind it in the sleeve).

The next section is labeled "Finances". I don't have much in this section, because I created a bill/finance binder that is separate recently. However, I still have a quick reference of phone numbers for utilities there for now. I'm sure eventually I'll eliminate that section all together.


Section 4 is the "Cleaning and Maintenance" area. Here is where I keep my daily, monthly, and "spring" cleaning lists. I will admit, I've made a daily cleaning checklist on the fridge. This is because I'm one of those out of sight out of mind people. So, if I need to do something everyday, it needs to be in a place where I see it everyday. Plus I LOVE checklists and crossing things off! However,  I still reference this section all the time. If I have spare time I try to do an extra spring cleaning chore per day... OK, week....OK, at least one a month! Jeez! (Feel free to comment if you want to know the items on any of these lists.)

OK we are half way through the binder!! Next section is "Entertainment" where I keep all of Grace's extra curricular activity information and schedules.

The next section is labeled "School". This is where I keep Grace's class schedule, lunch menu, etc.


Only 2 more sections! This section is labeled "Daisy". She's our puppy. I was going to make her a binder of her own, but its not really necessary. So I keep her Vet records here.


The last section is labeled "Holidays". Here I have worksheets by month where I list birthdays and anniversaries. Behind that I have my Christmas card list because I got tired of sending cards to those who never sent me one, is now I keep track like a moron! Behind that I have a clear sleeve where I keep Christmas gift receipts in case there are any issues!


Well that's if folks. Fine tune it to what your family needs!! Promise you will LOVE this system! :)
How do you keep our family organized?! Leave a comment!

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