Sunday, January 27, 2013

'If at first you don't succeed, remove all evidence that you ever tried' - unknown

That quote was proven today at my house. Evidence being the three to four extra holes in my bedroom wall. But no worries!!! It's hidden by the amazing barn door find that I picked up at Lucky Finds for $40. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it for a headboard in my bedroom!! Not vertically like I've seen all over Pinterest, but one door horizontally instead. Unfortunately, the door has been sitting in my hallway for quite a few weeks because I didn't have the right tools and then that darn emergency gallbladder surgery got in the way.

I haven't been able to lift more than 10 lbs since my surgery two weeks ago. But, my amazing friends (Moya and Knotts as I lovingly call them) surprised me yesterday armed with cleaning supplies, as well as screws and hooks to help me hang up the barn door. I was so excited!!

Knotts came today armed with wrapping paper to create a makeshift headboard so that we could center it and know where  the studs were before putting any holes in the wall. She saw this on Pinterest somewhere, but I do not have the link. It was a great idea!


The epic failure in this project was in the stud finding. Knotts also came with her magnetic stud finder!! It looks like this when it finds a stud (supposedly) .....

My advice, and I think Moya would agree since it was about an hour and a half into this project, spend the money on a BETTER stud finder!! We went with where this stud was supposed to be, but of course there was no stud there and we drilled 3 more holes trying to find it! haha.... No worries though, because the new barn door headboard covers them all. :)

After much math being done, and AMAZING (hehe) supervision on my part, my wonderful friends got the door up. Doesn't it look great?!?! I love it! Any of you make a cool headboard in your house?

Can't wait to continue to create my bedroom into the vision I have in my head, one piece (and good deal) at a time!

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  1. i love it! i've been looking into doing a doors as a headboard as well (not barn doors)...i absolutely love it!