Sunday, July 1, 2012

"The Rose Bowl is the only bowl I've ever seen that I didn't have to clean." ~Erma Bombeck

So, since I'm a Pinterest addict, I decided to try the things I keep posting. Mostly because I just post, and never really look at the link! So this will kinda help me see what's what! Since I'm only working part time this summer, I'm going to try to blog on a daily basis and let you know what's what with pinterest posts!!! Sundays will be my "Cleanliness" day! I figure I usually clean on Saturdays, so I will try something new then and post it on Sunday.

I LOVE to wash dishes ... SAID NO ONE EVER!!! I'd like to kiss the person who invented dishwashers!! But lately, I noticed my dishes were coming out of the dishwasher not so clean. I figured, because I'm so cheap (hey, us single parents have to budget hard sometimes) and was using cheap detergent, it must have been that. So I saved my pennies and bought a name brand detergent! Guess what? STILL the same filmy stuff was on my dishes coming out of the dishwasher. Here's what my dishes were looking like.

EWWWWWW... Do you see that white ring around the pot?!?! I think I just threw up a little in my mouth!

Yucky, yuck, yuck!!! More filmy stuff.

As divine intervention works, at the same time, I was pinning cleaning sites on pinterest and low and behold a "How to clean your dishwasher" post came up. I ACTUALLY read that one because I was having a problem!

The first thing I learned was that crap gets stuck in your dishwasher's filter thingy (that's a tehnical term). So I pulled out the bottom rack and got my head down in the dishwasher. I saw nothing. So I  started feeling around ... needless to say, got a different result. This is what I found...

That's right, two plastic spoons, a plastic knife, and a label off of something. Who knew?!

So I followed the blog instructions. I filled a dishwasher safe cup with plain white vinegar and ran it through a whole cycle as hot as it could go. Once that was was finished, I took the cup out and ran it again on the hottest water setting. So, after all that, I couldn't wait to load the dishwasher!! Here are the results....

 Look!!! No more yucky filmy stuff on my dishes!!

 NO RING AROUND THE POT!!!! (and no more throw up in my mouth)

Had to add this pic because it's actually sparkly! :)

So fellow pinterest addicts, and clean freaks :), this was a worthy pin! I have now added cleaning my dishwasher to my monthly chore list, so it gets cleaned once a month this way.

As my good friend Beth would probably say ... once you go clean, you never go back! She would be so proud of me! Happy cleaning!! :)

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