Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Never lend your car to anyone to whom you have given birth." - Erma Bombeck

I will have to remember this quote in about 8 years!! Especially the way my daughter trashes the back seat of the car. Sometimes my daughter is a hot mess, I don't know where she learned that from?! :) Anyway, her disaster area, also known as the backseat of my car, has lead me to my new blog! Organizing your car!!

Of course I forgot to take any "before" pictures, but it would have been too embarrassing to post any way. I started by cleaning every thing out, obviously. And I vacuumed EVERYTHING. I think it was the first time it was ever vacuumed, but my dad claims he vacuumed it one time! Then I got to organizing!!

In the back, my daughter had about a million little toys that she sticks in the side door storage, of which she misses half the time and the toys then hit the floor. Of course they then slide all over the car. Good times!

So I went to the dollar store and got a little plastic bin and put those toys in it. It fits perfectly under the passenger side front seat, so she can reach it easily. Also in the bin are pencils and pens so she can write in her car journal that's in the net storage on the back of the front seat. There is also a wipe board she likes to draw on.

I got a second bin that holds tissues, plastic grocery bags that we use for trash, and Shout Wipes that we keep in the car in case we need them. This container went under the driver's seat. Again, easy for her to reach and out of the way. As you guys can see, there is still plenty of room for feet!

I also found one of those caddies I've seen on Pinterest. I found it in the Target $1 area about a week or two ago. My daughter uses it for drinks and to hold any snacks. I LOOOOOOVVVEEEE this! Keeps the mess contained! Well except for whatever lands on her clothes! That is a whole other blog in itself!

The back seat is organized!!! And has stayed that way for a whole 4 days!!! It's a miracle, right?!

Next up was the front of the car. As much as I'd like to say I keep it clean, anyone who knows me, or has gotten a ride in my car, knows that it's not true. Usually, the poor passenger has to wait while I gather the school papers and study guides that my daughter and I review in the car, and the mail I pick up and never take in the house! So I found a foldable basket at the Christmas Tree Shoppe for about $6 or $7. I keep it folded and under the front passenger seat until I need it. It makes it so easy to take things in and out of the house, and easy to move so a passenger can actually sit there! Who knew?! A seat for sitting. What a concept!

The total cost of organizing my car was .... drum roll please.... $11!!! Well that's it. The end of my organize your car so you aren't embarrassed to give people a ride blog! Hope you enjoyed it. Please don't forget to leave me a message with your thoughts on the blog. And pass it on to your friends if you think they would be interested. Thanks! Until next time...

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