Monday, February 20, 2012

"Without frugality none can be rich, and with it very few would be poor." - Samuel Johnson

So one of my new goals is to be more frugal. You know, more than just eating Mac & Cheese for dinner 5 days a week. So I thought I would post on a couple of things that I've done to decorate on a small budget. 

The first small project I did to clear space off a table I had, was to put all my family pictures on the wall in my hallway. All the frames were from the dollar store. The letters spelling family were from AC Moore. All these items cost me about $25. The fabric that the letters are being hung with came from old material I had that use to be my grandmothers. Believe me, it was the most "normal" looking material in that box! This is how it turned out...

Not too shabby, huh?!

My latest project was for my friend who recently moved. Another mom, making it out on her own for the first time as a single mom! You go girl! Anyway, she is renting a place that has NO drawers in the kitchen. Can you believe that? We didn't understand how that was even possible! So I told her I was on a mission to solve this problem. I was determined to find something and Pinterest the shit out of it! Here's what I found at Good Will for $12.97...

The hardware was old and not attached. So, we went out at got black paint, new hardware, and material to make a curtain. I filled in two holes in the top drawer (as well as some knicks and scratches), removed the bottom two drawers completely, and sanded the whole thing. Then painted everything black, put in a spring rod under the top drawer, and made the curtain. All of it came together for under $35 and this is it below.

Really love this piece. I can't wait to do more things like this. I've wanted to for a long time. I am getting a crib this week that I plan to make into a desk for myself. We will see how that goes. I just wanted to show you, that you can have beautiful things, without bustin' your budget! :)

Don't forget to post comments. Or even request a furniture do over! ;)

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